Would you like to feel better than you do right now?

Make it Simple! Get Focused!

Smart, educated, busy and engaged people, like you, address demanding and complex situations...daily. You're dedicated! You're busy! You're successful! 

You may also have habits that detract from your success or your self-talk is painfully negative. If you are like most adults, you may also be convinced that learning and change are hard. 

After a few decades of making change hard and painful work for myself, I have discovered approaches that can make it much easier than our highly developed brains would have us believe. When we reconnect, integrating our mind.body.emotion resources, focus on what nourishes our sense of purpose, and engage our own unique strengths, change happens!

Coaching, leadership retreats and training: my clients integrate their own resources, appreciate themselves and others through a greater focus on strengths and resilience. Online and in-person delivery!

Heather Nehring

Heather Nehring, Senior international Trainer & Coach

I have lived and learned through more than 24 years of international work experience in both public and commercial sectors, in activities as diverse as CAE integration support manager, project coaching in automotive engineering (tier 1 supplier), post-M&A business integration, business process development for start-ups, and on-boarding for newcomers.

This diversity has a common element: People! 

I design and lead events in person and online for People! They are interested in resilience, personal strengths, international success and want to enhance their relationships at work and at home. In coaching, I work one-on-one.

I am a US American, resident in Germany and working throughout Europe for more than 2 decades. An accredited management trainer and coach for the European Union School of Administration (facilitation since 2003), I have worked with 30+ nationalities.  Contact