Feeling ineffective or disconnected?

Working hard, but you fail to see the results?

You and I both know that before you can lead others effectively, you need to get clear with yourself!

It's one of those pesky little truths in life. Denying it changes nothing and only burns up precious energy. It leads us to fake that we are in control and to use unfortunate strategies to get through the day. Exhausting! So what is the solution?

Resolve issues that you've been ignoring
Reconnect with yourself and your purpose
Refocus your attentions and your interests
Rejuvenate and enjoy having more energy

Is it enough to exercise, eat right, and sleep well? Maybe there is more: we may also choose to resolve the issues in our lives - the ones that keep us awake at night or maybe the ones we feel in the pit of our stomachs, but successfully ignore by staying busy. We let them creep into our relationships and flatten our emotions. Move beyond where so many professional adults are stuck - having too much to do or failing to find meaning in their lives. Or both. 

Multiple-day Leadership Retreats involve a group of individuals, each attending to their own personal needs and interests. The time is focused on engaging the mind.body.emotion connection through various techniques and exercises. A focus on resilience, for example, puts  self-care and honest reflection back at the center of valuable personal practices. So how can we best care for ourselves? Activate our senses, move through a forest, write and speak, create a new focus and take note of those valuable wishes.  And rest! 

Retreat participation is by invitation. Contact me if you are interested or have questions!  

Resolve! Reconnect! Refocus! Rejuvenate!