Be better prepared to address challenges

at work and in life: Effective training places participants at the center of the process, encouraging them to explore and learn individually, while also encouraged by the group. 


refers to a set of resources that we all have. Sometimes we are stronger in one area than the other. Of greater significance, however, is that we attend to our resilience and enhance our resources: the ways we think, feel and act towards ourselves. Regardless of where we start, we can deepen our practices.


are unique to each one of us, not only because we may have different primary strengths, but because we choose whether we reveal them to others or whether to use them at all. Relevant to individuals and of critical significance to teams, strengths provide excellent options for increased performance!

I also lead 

training and workshops on a variety of other skills and topics. 

  • Skills for international workplaces
  • Intercultural competence
  • Getting your ideas across to others.

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