Would you like to be better at...

Listening? Communicating? Decision-making? 

Would you like to have more...

Self-confidence? Rewarding relationships?


Do you spend too much time focused on your deficits and shortcomings? Can the chatter in your head defeat your best-laid plans? Are you struggling to get back on your feet after an illness or other health-related situation?

Most of us experience our problems as thoughts and sometimes as feelings. In order to sustainably move past problems or disappointed expectations, we must engage the entire person. Integrated Coaching activates your natural and unique mind-body-emotion resources to achieve just that. You may realize how resilient you are. You may interact differently in relationships. You may feel more at ease and energized at the same time!  It may be easier than you think.  Contact  

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Strengths Coaching may be of particular interest to you, if you feel that you have developed habits that distract you from feeling comfortable with yourself and keep you from freely engaging with those around you. Rediscovering your own strengths, the ones which are uniquely yours and always available to you, support better decision-making and increase your appreciation of others. Why? The more you know and appreciate about yourself, the greater your capacity to interact with friends, family & colleagues. Contact  

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Coaching in the forest: Take your next steps in life while walking in the forest. I also coach outdoors, so that you are literally walking down your own path during the coaching process!