I want you strong and focused as you pursue what is important to you in life! That's why I have spent more than 20 years looking for the best ideas and developing a meaningful and effective way to support people as a consultant, facilitator and coach!  The ideas and approaches below are my anchors when I work.

Appreciative Inquiry, one among many inquiry methodologies, combats our tendencies to focus on deficits and disappointments by inviting us to take the very simple approach of reconnecting to what is meaningful and life-giving. From this standpoint, it becomes possible to move toward meaningful development - the creation of solutions, processes & approaches that respond to today's demands. David Cooperrider (founder) and Diane Whitney are great practitioners in AI. After spending 5 days with them years ago, I both woke up and found a profound, new focus for my work.

Certified Facilitator, Boudewijn Vermeulen® Method, Dr. Eva Kinast (PCC, ICF) - Group coaching retreats for leaders and managers focused on greater success and personal satisfaction in work and life. Participants explore practiced recognition of habits; clarify troubling relationships at work and experience great mind-body-emotion integration through experiential practices. The method encompasses embodied and experiential learning with outdoor elements, writing exercises, dyads, drawing, relaxation, movement exercises, etc. Boudewijn was dedicated to learning through experiences in order to expand our knowledge and capability to respond to our internal and external worlds. 

International Leadership Program & Intercultural Coaching, Dr. Eva Kinast (PCC, ICF) and Boudewijn Vermeulen: Certified coach in embodied & experiential learning. Individual coaching focused on mind-body-emotion integration.

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Gallup® Clifton Strengths, Certified Strengths Coach: The company has dedicated huge resources to build our understanding of natural and unique talent themes that, with dedicated effort, can be developed into Strengths. Coachees and team workshop participants using this tool, based in positive psychology, build greater understanding of self and other. This new focus and the many nuances of personal strengths, can inspire a major shift in learning. Change becomes more of an organic experience, and a practice of enhancement of both understanding and action.

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